About Citrus Bitters

About Citrus Bitters
Citrus bitter contain bitter orange peel, lemon or grapefruit rind or peel among other citrus fruits in their ingredients. Flavor characteristics range from tangerine and grapefruit to lemongrass and coriander. These bitters can aide the stomach and add another dimension to many types of cocktails, especially those made with gin.

Top Picks for Citrus Bitters

Weatherby’s Orange Saffron Bitters
94 points
Best Buy
Tasted as a Gin Martini cocktail. Slivery straw color. Aromas and flavors of juniper, orange fruit cake, pine sap, and saffron with a satiny, bright, dry medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-long orange peel, pine, cardamom, and chamomile and pollen finish. In a gin martini these bitters add delicious orange spice cake and fruit cake bass notes that offset the herbal juniper forward gin and then an ethereal saffron high note that lingers.
94 points $18 Best Buy
Regans’ No. 6 Orange Bitters
93 points
Best Buy
Tasted as a Gin Martini cocktail. Brilliant bright gold color. Interesting, complex smoky woody aromas of smoked peppercorns, pine bark, coriander, and gentian with a body and a lemongrass, wet cedar, and grapefruit rind finish. This earthy bitters meshes well in the martini the pineyness of the juniper is really amplified and the overall effect is a very woodsy fall like one with the spice in support.
93 points $7.99 Best Buy
Dutch’s Spirits Prohibitters
90 points
Tasted as a Gin Martini cocktail. Bright dark amber color. Spicy, attractive aromas of ginger beer, orange cake, honey lemon tea, and dried spices with a body and a dried orange, clove, and mace finish. This orange bitters really amplifies the martini and gives it more layers of citrus and spice complexity.
90 points $17.95
Horror Infused Fiendishly Tropical Bitters
89 points
Tasted as a Gin Martini cocktail. Dark amber copper color. Spicy aromas of cinnamon, clove, dried citrus, and vanilla bean with a body and a lemon, orange, and anise finish. The citrus character of this bitters is not as pronounced as the spice elements and the martini definitely showcases the spice with some citrus in support.
89 points $13.13
Bittered Sling Grapefruit & Hops Bitters
88 points
On the nose, pleasant grapefruit, coriander, and grassy, leafy aromas lead. On the palate a distinctive piney hop note emerges. In the Martini, the hop note really jumps on and supports the juniper and citrus, giving a surprisingly fruity, creamy quality to the cocktail. These bitters will make crowd pleasing drinks.
The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters
87 points
On the nose, very herb driven with dried seaweed and tobacco notes. On the palate the bitters and subtle and give a dusty earthy, jicama and radish root vegetable note combined with cola nut. This dry earthiness continues in the Martini cocktail on the nose and amplifies the piney juniper quality of the gin throughout and gives a distinctive dried lime note on the finish. A refined bitters for seriously dry cocktails.
Riemerschmid Bitterlyne Orange Bitter
86 points
Best Buy
Tasted as a Gin Martini cocktail. Light gold color. Mild, herbal, spicy aromas of chamomile, grilled citrus, toasted herbs and bark, and dried flowers with a supple, crisp, petillant, dryish light body and a tingling, delightful, medium-length citrus pith, bark, fennel, and wax finish. A very pungent cocktail bitters that brings a lot of earthiness to the table; in the gin and tonic the citrus character was subdued and supportive.
86 points $14.99 Best Buy