About Vodka from Australia

About Vodka from Australia
There are numerous types of spirits produced in Australia, from fruit, honey and coffee liqueurs to vodka to single malt whiskeys. While the industry is not well known, it is growing in leaps and bounds and recently, there has been a lot of publicity for the single malts produced in the southern island of Tasmania. Look for more spirits and liqueurs from Australia to hit the US market and receive much more media attention.

Top Picks for Australia


Tamborine Mountain Distillery Eucalyptus Gum Leaf Vodka
92 points
Clear color. Vibrant, medicinal aromas and flavors of eucalyptus oil and menthol mint with a silky, bone dry medium body and a long, penetrating aloe and pepper accented finish. Great purity of exotic herbal flavor that demands attention in cocktails.
Tamborine Mountain Distillery Lemon Myrtle Vodka
90 points
Clear color with a nickel cast. Pure aromas and flavors of lemon myrtle, lemon pith, herbal lemon tea, and lemongrass with a silky, dry light-to-medium body and a long lemon oil and river stone finish. Nice artisan purity that will stand out in craft cocktails.
McHenry "Puer" Triple Distilled Vodka
89 points
Clear color. Bright, grainy aromas and flavors of grain sack and flour, carob, clay, and baked nectarine with an even, soft, dryish medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-long date cookie, wheat cracker, pepper, and chocolate skim milk finish. An interesting combination of sweet grain and creamy notes like a white whisky that will yield excellent cocktail possibilities.
89 points $43.99