About Dominican SPIRITS

The sprit industry in the Dominican Republic centers around rum; given the importance of sugar can in the nation's economy, this is a natural. There are numerous styles, from extra dry, which is clear, aged for two to five years in oak casks to riserva, that are aged for a few years more, usually in sherry casks, which imparts a tawny or amber color. A few of these older rums are aged for 25-30 years.

Dominican rum has tantalizing flavors of roasted nuts, toffee, honeycomb, coffee and praline. The offer excellent complexity, with the younger offerings displaying fruit overtones, while the older examples display a long, elegant finish with dried leaf and tobacco notes. These are voluptuous rums.
Top Picks for Dominican Republic
Prince Edward
Ginebra Gin
Clear color. Candied, citrusy aromas of peach gummies, limoncello, grilled lemons and ghee, and French oregano and pine cleaner with a silky, tangy, fruity light body and a peppery, buoyant lemon starburst, lemon pepper and black tea, anisette biscotti, and angelica and wintergreen finish. All manner of lemons present in this fresh, nouveau style gin.
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