About Gin and Genever from Australia

About Gin  and  Genever from Australia
There are numerous types of spirits produced in Australia, from fruit, honey and coffee liqueurs to vodka to single malt whiskeys. While the industry is not well known, it is growing in leaps and bounds and recently, there has been a lot of publicity for the single malts produced in the southern island of Tasmania. Look for more spirits and liqueurs from Australia to hit the US market and receive much more media attention.

Top Picks for Australia

Gin and Genever

McHenry Barrel Aged Gin
90 points
Slivery straw color. Lively, attractive, spicy creamy aromas and flavors of spiced meringue and nougat, coconut creme brulee, peach scone, and floral juniper with a satiny, soft, fruity medium body and a warming, complex, long sarsaparilla float, white chocolate graham crackers, peppercorns, and delicate herbs finish. A delicious, harmonious marriage of fruity gin and creamy spicy oak.
McHenry Classic Dry Gin
86 points
Clear color. Mild, boozy, herbal phenolic rubbery aromas and flavors of licorice and orange gelatin candies and spiced cherries and berries with a satiny, soft, fruity medium body and a tingling, amusing, medium-length pepper dust and juniper spice jelly on lemon scone finish. A rather candied, orange and licorice driven gin that should appeal to vodka drinkers.
McHenry Navy Strength Gin
85 points
Clear color. Mild, citrusy, fruity sweet waxy aromas and flavors of white chocolate nut brittle, raisin bran muffin and anise, coconut oil on cucumber, and latex paint with a velvety, bright, fruity medium body and a hot, compelling, bark, white pepper, spiced dried fruits, and minerals finish. A sturdy, high-proof gin for cocktails.