About Mixers from Germany

About Mixers from Germany
The spirits industry is a strong and varied one in Germany. Most famous are the brandies and eau-de-vie, made from fruits such as cherry, pear and apple. The term schnapps can refer to an eau-de-vie or it can simply mean a strong alcoholic drink. There are also vodkas (flavored and unflavored), London-style gins and whiskeys produced in Germany. Most are consumed locally; few are exported outside Europe.

Top Picks for Germany


Riemerschmid Riemerol Bitter
90 points
Best Buy
Neon golden orange color. Bright, fruity, herbal aromas of dried peach, delicate spices and herbs, and honeyed citrus and cucumber with a silky, bright, bittersweet medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-length medicinal barks and roots and chamomile tea finish. A nicely balanced and vibrant bitter nonalcoholic ’liqueur’ that works well with soda.
90 points $14.99 Best Buy
Riemerschmid Bitter Bar Syrup
83 points
Neon red color. Bright, savory, peppery aromas and flavors of smoked peppercorns, toasty cedar, grilled and pickled beets, and saffron with a soft, bright, petillant, dryish light body and a silky, brisk double mint gum, birch bark, crystallized ginger, and almond oil finish. An easy drinking non-alcohol bitter syrup for mild cocktail creations.
83 points $14.99