About Fruit Bitters

About Fruit Bitters
These are cocktail bitter that are made with unusual fruits or vegetables, most commonly orange or celery, that often have a more fruity and savory character than a spicy.

Top Picks for Fruit Bitters

The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters
94 points
Tasted as a Pisco Sour cocktail. Golden amber color. Peppery, earthy fruity curious aromas of marinated cucumbers, cracked pepper, and fleur de sel with a body and a cucumber slices and squash finish. The cucumber flavor of this bitter meshes nicely with the floral notes of the pisco in the pisco sour and add a nice layer of spice giving a creamy meringue like effect.
The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters
93 points
On its own nice dried peach, ground nut, and savory soy aromas lead. On the palate, a bit of sarsaparilla and cola emerge. In the Martini cocktail, fresh peach notes appear nicely on the body and finish versus the nose and compliment and amplify the citrus notes of the martini quite deliciously. And if you ever wanted to try a shot of bitters, try this one.
ERA Jamaica Bitters
88 points
Best Buy
Tasted as a Pisco Sour cocktail. Clear bronze color. Lively, meaty, spicy fruity aromas of chocolate covered espresso bean, smoked pepper, toasted brown spices, and cedar and frankincense incense with a silky, soft, dryish medium body and an intricate, medium-length sassafras, chocolate nuts, and nougat pistachio finish. This is a nice mocha-sassafrass-like bitters that brings a baked, brown roundness to cocktails; in the pisco sour it combined with the creaminess of the egg to create an interesting chocolate soufflé note.
88 points $10 Best Buy
Door County Distillery "Cherry Bluff Infusion"
87 points
Tasted as a Pisco Sour cocktail. Bright gold color. Interesting, complex aromas of melon, rhubarb, spiced meringue, and tonka bean with a body and a cucumber and gentian finish with no tannins. The bitters integrates seamlessly into the pisco sour and it’s effect is to add a layer of baking spice depth transforming the cocktail into a liquid Key lime pie.
87 points $12.99