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British & North American Ales
Core Support

By Thomas Sulinski

We devote one session of the World Beer Championships entirely to British and North American ale styles that aren’t stouts or porters. Ranging from milds to barley wines and bitters to imperial IPAs, these are styles that appear in nearly every brewery’s portfolio.   more >>

Stouts & Porters
Depths of Darkness for the Depths of Winter

By Thomas Sulinski

Each year Tastings.com’s World Beer Championships is brought to a close with our annual stouts and porters review. From dark brown to black in color, these beers feature flavors and aromas ranging from dark fruit to chocolate and coffee. While some stouts and porters may be one-dimensional, only highlighting simple roasted malt driven flavors and aromas, the truly great examples are able to hold the drinker captive, able to leave drinkers with more words than chocolate or coffee as descriptors.   more >>

Truly Special Beers

By Thomas Sulinski

If questioned, parents will undoubtedly answer that all of their children are special. Similar to many parents, brewers will answer with the same conviction when asked of their beer. Each year we devote an entire session to what we call “specialty beers”.   more >>