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Tastings Panelist - Terry Sullivan
Terry Sullivan
Judge Emeritus and Consigliere Speciale
Independent Writer
Terry has been a professional writer since 1986, with a specialization in spirits, wine, cocktails and humor since 1995. He has served as a contributing editor with drinks/beverage columns appearing in Playboy, Plate and Whisky Advocate, along with being a regular contributor to the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine and Chicago magazine. His Mixology column was a monthly feature in GQ Magazine for five years, where he worked between 1987 and 2002.

For over 12 years, Terry has served as a panelist with BTI/Tastings.com, specializing in wine and spirits. He brings with him a love and knowledge of drinks, as well as a comedic edge. His tasting philosophy is simple. "I approach [drinks] in a seated position, and then if they taste good I've been known to approach them again," he says. "I've been approaching some whiskies for over 50 years now." Terry believes BTI/Tastings.com's strength is in the knowledgeable judges selected to serve on each panel, saying simply "...you have much better taste in tasters."