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Tastings Panelist - Drew Larson
Drew Larson
Leader’s Beverage
Drew officially started working in the beverage/hospitality industry in 2010, though he feels as though he has been preparing for it his whole life. His passion for his job is rooted in creating lasting memories by finding people the right drink at the right time, as well as in the endless opportunities to both learn and teach in the industry. “This is such an industry of passion and indulgence where people learn because they want to learn,” Drew says. “I love brining education to people who want to learn.”

Since 2013, Drew has served as a panelist with BTI/Tastings.com, specializing in beer. He believe BTI/Tastings.com’s approach differs from other competitions’ because it relies on the informed opinions of industry professionals who volunteer their time, have no connection to any of the products, and taste completely blind in an environment without any stress or pressure. “We taste 30-50 [beers] so we don’t fry out palates and, because we have no idea what anything is, you get an honest opinion from an industry professional,” Drew says. “How could a consumer possibly find something more honest than that to gauge their decision on?”
For more about Drew follow him on Twitter @DrewDLarson or visit his website at www.leadersbeverage.com.