About Mexican Beer

About Mexican Beer
Beer is very popular in Mexico, a beverage meant for social events, such as special dinners or a soccer match; however it is not an everyday beverage as in most countries. Today, two large breweries produce a large proportion of Mexico's beer; quality is very good, but the options are limited, as specialty beers are not an important part of the Mexican beer scene.

For what is made and exported, the dark lagers and ales are the most interesting. A typical dark beer from Mexico is very tasty with distinct maltiness and aromas such as caramel, honeyed pastry and bread pudding; the finish is tangy and flavorful. Pair these beers with barbecued meats, grilled chicken and empanadas.

Microbreweries are limited in Mexico, so for the time being, the beer industry in the country will thrive with its quality dark beers and the strength of its exports, which too often are clean, refreshing summer beers that appeal to the masses. But there are those delicious dark beers that give the Mexican beer business its place on an honor roll.

Top Picks for Mexico

Day of the Dead Amber Ale
92 points
Minutely hazy copper color. Lively, attractive aromas of rich toffee, citrus marmalade, and chocolate cake with a even, vibrant, finely carbonated, very sweet medium-to-full body and a tingling, complex, medium-long nuts, roasted corn, arugula, and lemon pepper finish. A superb chocolatey amber ale with great depth and integration.
Day of the Dead Pale Ale
90 points
Dark copper color. Mild, toasty, fruity aromas of chocolate pastry and fruit custard with a oily, bright, effervescent, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a silky, intriguing, medium-long mocha cream, spiced nuts, bread, and radish finish. A smooth, malty, finely balanced pale ale that is more British in style.
Day of the Dead Hefeweizen
89 points
Hazy golden amber color. Lively, toasty aromas of French toast, caramelized nuts, and banana cake with a supple, soft, fizzy, fruity medium body and a tingling, complex, medium-length radish spouts, treacle, lettuce, and minerals finish. A rich and rewarding hefeweizen that can stand up to hearty foods.
Day of the Dead DOA IPA
89 points
Minutely hazy copper color. Lively, toasty, fruity aromas of peach danish, caramel apple, and praline with a even, vibrant, fizzy, off-dry medium body and a tingling, medium-long peppery greens, dried lemon, and nutshell finish. A lively IPA with fine UK-like balance and prominent astringency.
Day of the Dead Blonde Ale
88 points
Clear gold color. Delicate, fruity aromas of honeyed cinnamon raisin toast, bread pudding, and dried fruit with a silky, crisp, finely carbonated, dryish light body and a smooth, brisk nutskin and radish finish. Bright and crisp with a spicy hop finish that lends to another sip.
Cerveza Mexicali Original Pilsner
84 points
Minutely hazy light gold color. Bright, hoppy aromas and flavors of lemon peppercorn muffin, honeyed herbs, and toast with an even, fizzy, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and an effortless, rapid salt and peppered jicama, toasted nuts, dried citrus, and apple finish. A smooth and quenching lager with a nice texture.